Information Obligation

pursuant to Regulation (EU) No 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, and repealing Directive 95/46/EC


Personal data to be processed


  • JUDr. Kateřina Dlouhá, Attorney at Law,Administrative Identification Number: 013 41 812, with the seat at Štefánikova 75/48, Prague 5, Post Code No.: 150 00, registered in the List of Barristers administered by the Czech Bar Association, under the reg. no. 14710 (hereinafter referred to as „Data Controller“) is, within the meaning of Regulation (EU) No 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, and repealing Directive 95/46/ES (hereinafter also referred to as „GDPR“) the Data Controller of personal data of her Clients in the following extent:
    • a.

    • First name, surname, commercial firm, Administrative Id. No., Tax Id. No., date of birth, birth number, address of permanent residence/seat, telephone number and contact e-mail address (hereinafter referred to as „Basic Personal Data“), and also
    • b.

    • Other personal data communicated by the Client, i.e. especially those personal data which are necessary for legal aid provided in a particular case,

  • on the basis of Art. 6(1)(b) of the GDPR for the purpose of fulfilment of the contractual obligation – proper provision of legal services, and also in accordance with Art. 6(1)(c) GDPR for fulfilment of legal obligations applicable to the Data Controller and implying especially from the Barristers Act and associate legal regulations, legal regulations regulating mandatory payments and accounting, as well as other regulations, which the Barrister is obliged to respect during provision of legal services.


  • The subject matter of processing may be also the so-called sensitive data, namely in the case that their processing is absolutely necessary in a given case for fulfilment of a contractual obligation – proper provision of legal services, on the basis of Art. 6(1)(b).


  • Personal data provided for in subparagraph 1.1(a) of this article – Basic Personal Data, are moreover processed, in accordance with Art. 6(1)(f) of the GDPR, for the purpose of a possible dispute with the Client, including the recovery of claims implying from a breach of a contract. The Client is authorised to raise an objection against this processing, according to Art. 21 of the GDPR.


Time and form of personal data processing


  • Personal data of the Client will be processed for the term of 5 years from termination of provision of legal services (hereinafter referred to as „Term“).


  • Limitations according to the previous paragraph shall be without prejudice to the Data Controller’s right to process personal data of the Client in the necessary extent even after this Term, however, only in the extent necessary for the maintaining of proper records. Nevertheless, if a legal regulation imposes on the Data Controller the obligation to maintain the records for a term longer than the one provided for in the previous paragraph and/or if it is possible, on the basis of a legal regulation, to impose on the Data Controller the obligation to disclose such data to a third person even after the lapsing of the above specified term, the Data Controller is authorised to process the Client’s personal data in the necessary extent also for the term specified by such legal regulations.


  • The Term specified in paragraph 2.1 of this article is not binding on the Data Controller also in the case when a dispute with the Client is pending. In such a case she is authorised to process personal data of the Client in the necessary extent until the final decision in the dispute.


  • Processing takes place in an electronic form by means of an automated system or in a printed form in a non-automated way.


Rights and obligations of the Clients as data subjects


  • The Client has the right to require, at any time, the access to their processed personal data and the Data Controller is obliged to provide this information to the Client.


  • The Client has the right to require the correction and completion of incomplete personal data, erasure of their personal data, limitation of processing, and also to exercise the right to transferability of data.


  • The Client has the right to file a complaint regarding the processing of the personal data to the supervisory authority which is the Office for Personal Data Protection (


Provision of personal data to third subjects


  • Recipients of the Client’s personal data are typically public power authorities (e.g. courts, administrative bodies), as well as cooperating barristers in the case of substitutive representation of the Data Controller and other recipients as necessary according to the given case and Client’s instructions.


  • The Data Controller provides identification personal data of the Clients to other persons in the case that she is obliged or authorised to do so in virtue of the laws.


  • Personal data of the Clients can be accessed also by the provider of maintenance of the information system and other providers of services necessary for provision of legal services (e.g. operators of e-mail box storage facilities or legal system operators). It is possible to get information about particular persons or companies providing the Data Controller with these services at a request addressed to the Data Controller.


Personal data protection


  • The Data Controller processes the provided personal data in accordance with applicable legal regulations, endeavours to achieve maximum protection of the personal data obtained, with a view to preventing any unauthorised or accidental access to or disclosure of personal data, as well as any other misuse of the records containing personal data, and has introduced reasonable procedures which are to secure and protect the information collected electronically in the same way as the information collected in a printed form.

You have the right to ask for the announcement of the details on the personal data which the Data Controller maintains and processes about you. If you think that the personal data processed this way are incorrect or incomplete, or if you have any questions or comments concerning the processing, please contact without any delay the Data Controller, by using the e-mail address:, or through a letter addressed to the Data Controller: Štefánikova 75/48, Praha 5, Post Code Number: 150 00.